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Friday, May 8, 2009


Ingredients > Radishes
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what is it?

The radish is a kind of root vegetable known for its fresh, peppery flavor and crisp, crunchy texture. The most common radish is the red globe which has a mildly peppery flavor, but there are many other varieties.

Icicle radishes are long and white with a bit more peppery flavor, while watermelon radishes are known for their spring green exterior and striking fuchsia interior, as well as their sweet, mildly peppery flavor. The white-tipped red variety is known as the French breakfast radish, so named because it's especially mild.

how to choose:

Radishes taste best in cool weather, before summer's heat sets in, which makes them bitter. If you can, buy small radishes in bunches with the greens still attached; these are fresher than those in plastic bags, which may have been sitting around for a while. The tops should look bright green and fresh, and the radishes themselves should be firm and as unblemished as possible.

how to store:

When you get a bunch home, cut off the greens and refrigerate the radishes wrapped loosely in plastic. Bigger specimens like watermelon radishes can be good keepers; farmers often cellar them for best flavor.

Ingredients > Radishes
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