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Friday, May 8, 2009


Ingredients > Spaghetti
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what is it?

Made from semolina, water, and sometimes eggs, this popular pasta gets its name for the Italian word for "strings," which is what this long, thin, round noodle resembles. Famously served with meatballs and marinara sauce, it also goes well with olive-oil based sauces.

kitchen math:

1 pound = 7 to 8 cups cooked

don't have it?

Other long pasta strands, such as linguine, can substitute.

how to choose:

Most spaghetti is sold dried in boxes; try different brands to see which you like best.

how to prep:

Boil in well salted water until just tender. Stir early in cooking to keep the strands from sticking together.

how to store:

Dried spaghetti will keep indefinitely in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients > Spaghetti
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