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Thursday, May 7, 2009


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what is it?

Whether it's sear-roasted rack of lamb, roasted leg of lamb, or ground lamb burgers, lamb is a welcome change of pace from beef or pork. In American usage, "lamb" refers to sheep less than one year old. Lamb's slightly gamey flavor pairs well with Mediterranean and Indian flavors, and it takes well to a variety of cooking methods.

Rack of lamb, rib chops, and loin chops are tender and best suited to dry-heat cooking methods, like searing or roasting. Choose braising or stewing for tougher cuts like the shoulder or shank. Ground lamb makes a delicious burger and is adds an earthiness when mixed with other ground meats for a meat sauce or a meatloaf and stars in the Middle Easten dish, kibbeh.

Ingredients > Lamb
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