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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Black Pepper Chicken Wings (Monday)

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Preparation time : 10 minutes (excludes marination time)
Cooking time : 20 minutes

Serves 5-8

Ingredients :

10-12 chicken wings
2 teaspoons black peppercorns cloves garlic (sliced)
3cm ginger (skinned and sliced)
4 tablespoons soft brown sugar
2 tablespoons lime juice
2 teaspoons salt

Method :

1. Rinse chicken wings and pat dry with paper towels.

2. Trim off wing tips. Cut each wing at the joint.

3. Coarsely crush peppercorns in a mortar and pestle.

4. Add garlic and ginger and pound until fine.

5. Marinate chicken wings with this mixture, together with brown sugar, lime juice and salt.

6. Place wings in a clean plastic bag, secure bag and place in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours or overnight.

7. Lightly oil a shallow baking tray with 1-2 teaspoons oil. Lay chicken wings on it, in a single layer, without including too much of the marinade.

8. Lightly drizzle some oil, about 2 teaspoons, over the wings.

9. Grill over high heat (190 ° C) for 5 to 6 minutes each side, or until cooked through and golden brown.

10. Serve hot.


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