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Friday, May 8, 2009

Leg of lamb

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what is it?

Leg of lamb is a classic spring roast. You can find leg of lamb in a variety of different cuts. Most traditional is the whole, bone-in leg, but perhaps more manageable is a butterflied, boneless leg ("butterflied" means it's been cut open into a large, flat sheet), and a boneless rolled and tied leg roast.

For the whole, bone-in leg, simple roasting is the way to go. A rolled, tied roast is also ideal for roasting, and it's also easy to stuff and carve. Since butterflied leg of amb is a thin cut, it can be grilled, broiled or seared.

how to choose:

When buying lamb, color can be an indication of age; the lighter the color the younger (and presumably more tender) the lamb will be. American and New Zealand lamb are both widely available in the United States. New Zealand lamb tends to be smaller and leaner than American-raised lamb, something to keep in mind when buying individual cuts; a leg or rack of lamb may weigh as little as half of the same American cut.

how to prep:

To carve a bone-in leg of lamb

i) On one of the meaty sides of the leg, cut a few slices in the direction of the bone. These cuts are with the meat grain, but they'll give you a flat area on which to stabilize the leg.

ii) Turn the leg over so it rests on the flat area. Make a series of cuts, in whatever thickness you like, perpendicular to and all the way down the bone.

iii) Turn your knife so it's parallel to the bone and cut the slices free in one sweeping motion. Repeat with the other sides of the leg.

Ingredients > Lamb
Leg of lamb > Rack of lamb > Lamb rib chops > Lamb loin chops


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