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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Barbequed Spareribs

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Preparation time : 45 minutes
1 hour to marinate the ribs.
4 hours to soak the spring onion garnish
Cooking time : 1 hour

Serves 4-6

Ingredients :

1.8Kg fresh spare ribs
3 tablespoons dark soy sauce
6 tablespoons hoisin sauce
2 tablespoons dry sherry
1/4 teaspoon five spice powder
1 tablespoon borwn sugar
4-6 spring onions for garnish

Method :

1. Trim the root ends and the dark green tops from the onions.

2. Cut both ends into thin strips, leaving about 1.25cm in the middle uncut.

3. Place in ice water for several hours or overnight for the ends to curl up.

4. Cut the spareribs into one-rib pieces. Mix all the remaining ingredients together, pour over the ribs and stir to coat evenly. Allow to stand for 1 hour.

5. Put the sparerib pieces on a rack in a roasting pan containing:

  • 570ml water
  • cook in a preheated 180 °C oven for 30 minutes
  • Add more hot water to the pan while cooking, if necessary;

6. Turn the ribs over and brush with the remaining sauce.

7. Cook 30 minutes longer, or until tender.

8. Serve garnished with the spring onion brushes.

Global Cuisine > Chinese > Barbequed Spareribs
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